RunBlind’s technology will give you a head start

You are an audio equipment manufacturer integrator

With RunBlind technology, your audio equipment will have the following competitive advantages

  • Integration of the dynamic 3D sound engine into your headphones,
  • Elimination of the response time (latency) of reading the integrated inertial units,
  • The connection to indoor and outdoor navigation applications (GPS),

You are a Navigation application editor

Thanks to our API, your guidance application can, at last, offer a sound guidance that can be used daily :

  • The necessary mental load is reduced,
  • No more instructions to understand and to find in the environment (no street names to read, for example),
  • A sound guides your users by projecting and materializing a very intuitive sound trajectory to follow naturally,
  • This sound can even be the music currently being played
  • The 3D sound space allows to integrate other information, such as the sound environment in-situ, or a phone call, finally reproducing the usual functioning of our ears.